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Upcoming events

    • Tuesday, May 13, 2014
    • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • TechSandBox, Hopkinton

    Ready to start manufacturing your prototype? Scale up to volume? Want to prepare to reach that stage? When your startup moves into manufacturing mode, know what to expect. Come to The Venture Forum meeting on May 13 at TechSandBox to learn about next generation manufacturing from keynote speaker Joe Griffin of the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP).

    Hear what the founders of three young companies have learned along the way, then brainstorm with them to resolve their burning issues. Find out what each group discovered in their discussions.

    Companies under the microscope will be:

    • Moozifed, with CEO Miriam Kutcher describing the baby formula heater/dispenser system for quick 98 degree prep,
    • Power Hydrant, with CEO Kevin Leary’s vision for a robotic charging system for electric vehicles, and
    • Strohl Medical, with CEO Heather Keith’s experience developing the NeuroEPG System to help ER physicians identify potential stroke victims for faster diagnosis and treatment.

    Topics of discussion in breakout sessions with company leaders may cover:

    • How they make key design decisions such as material, form factor, ruggedness, and user interface
    • What expertise they have/need in-house
    • What types of outsourced vendors they use/need and how they found them

    Register now for the May 13 meeting held at TechSandBox in Hopkinton.

    More about our May 13 speakers

    Joe Griffin is the South East Massachusetts Regional Manager for the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MASS MEP).  He previously served as CFO/COO of Digilab, a life science research tools company. His entire career has been with manufacturing organizations.  He has held leadership positions in manufacturing operations, finance, and customer service for Honeywell and Bio-Rad Laboratories.

    His background in both operations and finance made him a key team member on many acquisition projects, including the integration of these acquisitions with existing manufacturing operations. His experience with multi-national companies included directly managing operations and technical service centers in Europe and Asia. He has developed an extensive network of distribution partners in Europe and Asia.

    In addition, in his work with privately held emerging technology companies, he has developed, articulated and implemented manufacturing  plans for investors interested in providing working capital for growing manufacturing companies.

    Griffin received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts and his MBA from Suffolk University, and he attended Stanford University's Operations Management Executive Program.

    Heather Keith, CEO and Founder of Strohl Medical Technologies, has 18 years of medical device marketing and sales experience, as well as several years of manufacturing and regulatory experience.  She developed a national sales team for a start-up medical device company and grew sales from zero revenues to $13 million in less than three years.  Keith has managed product lines, marketing teams and sales teams.  She has worked as a strategy and implementation consultant for numerous product and service-based medical device companies focusing on sales strategies, market development, product extension opportunities and company acquisition decisions.  Keith has double bachelor degrees in Biology and Business Administration with a Chemistry minor and received her MBA from Boston University Metropolitan College. 

    Miriam Kutcher, CEO of Moozifed, has overseen the development of Moozi, the on-demand pod feeding system for ready-made formula bottles. In under a minute and with the touch of one button, Moozi creates a regulated 98.6 degree bottle. With reusable pods and the ability to select any formula or upright bottle, Moozi provide caregivers with a simple and safe solution to formula feedings. Kutcher has been an award-winning chief marketing officer with more than 18 years’ experience creating compelling campaigns that drive interest, awareness and sales at UBM Channel, IDC, People magazine, Midwest Living magazine, Discover magazine and The Institute For International Research.

    She holds a bachelors degree in art history from Barnard College and an additional BA from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in Jewish History.             

    Kevin Leary, Founder and CEO of PowerHydrant, has 30 years of experience in design and management at Analog Devices, Inc., where he gained a mix of automotive signal processing technology design and management responsibilities including IC products for automotive OEMs.  He has extensive experience in business management, in-house start-ups, technology acquisitions, image processing, video, DSP, audio, systems architecture and wireless communication, both 3G and 4G.  Leary built and led a $90 million automotive and low power audio business.  He conceived and drove the successful acquisition of AudioAsics in Denmark for $29 million.  He holds five patents, including two for PowerHydrant.  

    Leary earned a BSEE degree from Manhattan College and has taken graduate courses at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

    • Tuesday, June 10, 2014
    • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • TBD
    More information to come.

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